Parking Pass Update!!!

Owners can pick them up at Slip 95 Sunday May 16th 11:00-1:00 or May 30th 12:00-1:00 Or email me if you want them mailed

Attention owners:

We are happy to announce that the New Parking Stickers have arrived. We understand this may be an inconvenience but please know that the board is doing this to ensure that owners and their renters are able to park in the lot that they own.

Please note: We are NOT issuing/ replacing hang tags. We are only replacing windshield parking sticker with updated ones. Two parking windshield stickers will be issued to each owner for each slip they own.

If you are in the marina you may stop by Slip 95 and Jay Budzon can issue them. You will be asked to sign off that you have received them.  Jay will also be handing them out after the Dockside Breakfast on Sunday May 30th.  If you have a damaged hang tag Jay can replace it at the same time. 

            Please understand there are 113 slips and only 97 parking spaces. This is the only reason we do any enforcement!! Our enforcement policy for 2021 will be as follows:

  1. We are not routinely expecting that we will have to tow anyone. However, we hope the presence of all owners and renters using these stickers and tags will let those know we are watching who is and is not authorized to park in our lot.
  2. Board members will monitor and record license number and vehicle information on cars without a sticker or tag and place a paper flyer on the windshield.
  3. Second recorded offense. We have purchased hard to remove 7” x 9” adhesive warnings which I promise you will not be happy if you receive one!!


  1. Third recorded offense. We may have to tow a car or two so outsiders will respect our private parking area. It is hoped that by having all owners and renters properly tagged we will ONLY be removing cars that do not belong to owners, renters and guests.

            If you are an owner who plans to pick these up from Jay at the marina watch the Friends of RNYC Facebook or the bathroom bulletin boards for distribution dates and times. You can also email Jay at or through the website Calendar of Events. Jay Budzon will be at most entertainment events if you cant make initial dates.

            If you are an owner who rents their slip, please respond by email as to whether you want the stickers mailed to you and you will distribute them to your renter, or if you wish for Jay to distribute them to your renter. You also need to verify that you understand that replacement stickers or tags are $20.00 each. So, you need to get them back from your renter or off your car if you sell it or replace the windshield . RNYC will replace damaged stickers scraped off at no charge but will charge $20.00 for each replacement if you dont have the old sticker! My suggestion is that you charge your renter an $80.00 deposit to cover two hang tags and two windshield stickers. ($20.00 each for issued parking permits issued)  If they dont renew the lease for the slip and do not return them to you can apply the deposit you collected towards new replacement stickers and hang tags. You can then issue the replacement parking passes to the next years renter or keep them if you decide to occupy the slip yourself. Please copy and paste one of the two options below and email it back to me at: so we know what you prefer.

Option 1:

            Please mail the stickers to me at (insert mailing address). I will issue them to my renters and understand I will be charged $20.00 for EACH replacement sticker or hang tag if I do not get them returned from my renters.   

Option 2:

Please issue the stickers directly to my renters at the marina. The slip numbers are (insert slips) I agree that my renter can sign an acknowledgement of receipt of parking stickers on my behalf. I understand I will be charged $20.00 for EACH replacement sticker or hang tag if I do not get them returned from my renters.   

In closing, we know many of you feel that parking has not been an issue. That may have been true in the past; however, with less parking spaces than total slips and the Marina at full capacity this year, this will result in more owners, renters and visitors occupying parking spaces.  Another factor is that most charters are operating similar hours so multiple clients are all parking at the same time (some arriving in more than one car), as well as the parking of owner’s and renter’s golf carts and boat/dinghy/golf cart trailers.  For all these reasons, we expect to experience parking at capacity on some weekends and holidays. We are doing our best to ensure all spaces are available to owners, renters and guests of  RNYC and not to those who dont belong. Most importantly is that in the event we DO have to tow, that we are NOT towing anyone who is an owner or renter at RNYC, or their guest. We do not know everyones car, truck, golf cart or trailer so please be understanding as we try to improve this situation to benefit us all. Golf carts DO need a sticker, as they take up the same room as a car. VERY TEMPORARY boat or golf cart trailers are OK but please dont take up a space on holidays.



Thanks ,

Jay Budzon on behalf of the RNYC Board