Board nominations are officially open for the 2021-2022 seasons. There are four seats open, so make your nominations soon by emailing their name to  We will reach out to the nominee to ask for their acceptance.

Board members that are ending their terms this season are Derek Schroeder, Marc Weber, Mary Dovgin and John Brown.

The process for nomination and voting is as follows:

  • Voting Nomination Process Discussion:
    • Nomination open July 17
      • In meeting – Verbal Nomination/ Acceptance
      • Electronic: Email RNYCMARINA.COM with nomination
      • Nominee will be notified electronically with accept/ decline noted
    • Nominations Close/ announced: August 7th
    • Nominees publish brief paragraph on intentions
    • Voting opens: August 14th
      • Electronic voting via Survey Monkey
    • Voting closes: August 28 annual meeting
      • Paper ballots accepted at meeting
      • Proxy ballot accepted at meeting
      • Results compiled in MS Excel

2022 board announced following week